Fairhope and Virginia’s Health Foods are Fairhope and Mobile’s oldest and friendliest health food stores, serving the Mobile Bay area for almost three decades. We offer an extensive selection of nutritional supplements, whole foods supplements, groceries, organic produce and meats, books, cosmetics, incense, essential oils, and more. We take pride in being able to offer our customers a clean and friendly shopping environment, and in our caring and knowledgeable staff. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to assist you in your efforts to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle!

Our Staff
Lynnora -- is the owner of both Virginia's Health Foods and Fairhope Health Foods. She was entrusted with the stores by Virginia, the original owner, shortly before Virginia passed away. Lynnora continues Virginia's mission of making people healthier, while providing a friendly atmosphere. 
Krissy -- ,known as "The Little Woman" or "The White Rabbit". She is Virginia's manager and is responsible for running Virginia's Health Foods on a day-to-day basis. She knows everything we sell here at Virginia's, and what ailments it treats. There isn't anyone around, who knows more about health than Krissy.
Justin -- also known as "The Herb Man" because he is responsible for our bulk herbs section. Justin has worked at Virginia's Health Foods for almost a decade, and he is exceedingly knowledgeable when it comes to health and his herbs.
Kelsi -- is a member of the Air Force Reserve, and she is one of the most experienced members here at Virginia's Health Foods. There isn't much about health that Kelsi doesn't know.
Celeste -- is in charge of ordering products for our Health and Beauty section. If you want anything from natural hair dye to essential oils, then Celeste is the girl you need to talk to. Confused about a product? Don't worry, Celeste has seven years of experience willing to help you.
Kenny -- is in charge of ordering our protein shakes, I.G.F., and frozen foods. A former athlete for local high school, McGill-Toolen. He is the person to talk to about getting back in shape or just getting some good old exercise.
Noel -- is responsible for our supplements and children's section. She orders everything from children's vitamins to snacks for newborns. She has two kids of her own, so she is very knowledgeable when it comes to children's health.
Jennifer -- ,or Jen for short, orders all of our organic produce. The same produce that is used in the Sunflower Café. Her motto is "don't panic, its organic."
Jessica -- , or Jess, is responsible for Virginia's Health Foods' Gluten Free section and Baking section. She is the store neat freak and Jess keeps us working at top efficiency. Determined, smart, and capable, we, here at Virginia's Health Foods, are lucky to have her.
Buyer/Clerk/Graphic Designer
Sally -- is in charge of buying honey from local vendors. She is also our stores graphic designer, making many of the signs posted on our doors.
Aimee -- is responsible for ordering our teas/coffees, cleaning products, drinks, pet products, books, and sprouting seeds. She knows all our teas and which ones will work best against your ailments.  
Clerk/Website Designer
Paul -- is in charge of our website, making it easier to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and responding to emails. If there is a problem with Virginia's Health Foods'site, send Paul an email to let him know.
Ahiah -- orders our popular supplement brand, Nature's Secret, and is responsible for ordering many of the delicious snacks that can only be found at our stores.
Kaleb -- ,or the "New Kid", is the newest member of Virginia's Health Foods. He is responsible for our bulk snacks section. Though Kaleb may lack experience, he is as friendly as can be and is eager to learn.
Store Policies / Services
All returns or exchanges must be accompanied by a receipt and performed within 30 days of the original purchase date. Unopened items or items with a manufacturer’s defect may be returned for the full price. All other returns are handled on a case-by case basis and will most likely be exchanged for in-store credit.
We encourage you to let us special order products for you. This helps us learn what our customers want us to carry. A deposit may be necessary for items over fifty dollars
We accept all personal checks. We only need a driver’s license and current phone number.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
We offer Senior, Student, and Military discounts every day of the year.

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251-4793175 (fax)
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